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Hi, I'm Amila Kanchana, from Kurunegala, Sri Lanka, and currently work as a speech therapist. I write this blog to share my gardening experience with you. Don't consider this blog to be a  source of up to date, scientific gardening information, but  a place where a keen gardener shares his knowledge and experience in gardening.

I use my common sense, what little science I know, things I learn, (specially online), and the old  folks' wisdom in my gardening. My main focus is to do my gardening while keeping the natural environment as  intact as possible. That means a lot less weeding, no chemical fertilizers, no chemical pesticides or
weedicides, less exotic plants, friendly habitat for local wildlife in my garden, and so on. It's not an easy task growing plants organically, specially with the hybrid seeds that have invaded our local market.   I  use local varieties whenever I can, but it's not easy as those are on the decline. It's too bad there's no tradition of heirloom seeds over here.

I invite you to visit my wildlife photography blog, Wild Sri Lanka too.

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